Juju Seeds Media

Planting Seeds of Empowerment, One Idea at a Time

Juju Seeds Media, an independent publishing company, was planted in 2000 by Jumoke Boston and sprouted in 2002 with our first self-published book, Open Your Eyes, A Book of Poetry, written by her youngest son, Gary who began writing at age 16 as an outlet for his feelings of despair after the divorce of his parents three years prior. His musings were written in a notebook and jotted on small pieces of paper that he began to save in a folder. When shared with his mother, she immediately recognized his expressions as beautifully creative, and embarked on a two-year journey to translate this poetry into a manuscript, and ultimately a published work.

The name Juju was acquired by combining the first two letters of her name, Jumoke (West African origin, meaning “Everyone Loves the Child”), with the first two letters of Gary’s middle name, Jumaane (pronounced Ju-MAH-nee, West African origin, meaning Born on Tuesday). The result, “Juju,” being of West African origin also, meaning powerful energy, was Poetic Justice!! “Seeds” was added to signify our intention to bring form to this energy by planting, cultivating and harvesting it into powerful, productive, positive ideas, (whatsoever is planted, grows) in order to make the world a better place.

At Juju Seeds Media, we have grown to include children’s books to our portfolio.

There is a shortage of children's books that represent the perspective of people of color.  Our mission at Juju Seeds Media is to help fill that void by producing spirited, animated, colorfully illustrated books with content that teaches life lessons and conflict resolution that children as well as adults can benefit from. Along with children's picture books, we also publish poetry, biographies, greeting cards and other media with inspiring messages to empower, encourage, enlighten, and educate.  Check out our books and authors.

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