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​Gary Boston recently completed work on his latest book, "The Bars of 55th Street", which is a collection of poems chronicling the stories of his daily life. The book is full of ups, downs, and observations, and is meant to explore some of the thoughts that have come about over the past few years.

"Open Yours Eyes" is a book that he completed back in 2003, and it delves into many of the same themes of daily life. If you're a fan of poetry, or just like to dig into the thoughts and daydreams of a writer, pick up a copy of the books and allow yourself to be carried away.​ Gary lives in Gardner, KS with his wife Erin and their two children.

Marc Boston is releasing his first children's book, The Girl  Who Carried Too Much Stuff, with charming illustrations by  Annie Wilkinson.  This delightful story touches on the issues  of overconsumption and materialism, while demonstrating  that caring and sharing can ultimately be more fulfilling.  

Marc is a lover of books, and a stay-at-home dad. His decision  to write books came after becoming a father and being  inspired to write original stories to read to his daughters. "I  began to enjoy and appreciate kids' books more as an adult  than I did as a child. I felt a desire to create my own books  that tell inspirational stories that both children and adults  can relate to.  Marc was born in Baltimore, and raised in  Kansas City. He lives with his wife Rachael and their three  daughters in Charlottesville, VA.

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 Meet Author Patricia Simmons

​​Patricia Simmons was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. She is simply a sinner saved by grace. Through many difficult experiences in her life, God brought her to a place where she can live again with a new perspective and outlook on life. Everything prepared her to become preacher, teacher, author and most of all, servant. She believes nothing has been in vain and that there is always a purpose for your pain.

Pretty Hews is a personal journey of how God used the most difficult time in Patricia's life to deliver her from all the things that kept her living outside her destiny. God finally freed her from all forms of death and bondage.